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  1. We create awareness and promote caring for the environment, with the participation of all my fruit suppliers.
  2. We implement actions to effectively control environmental hazards that may affect the environment.
  3. We identify, evaluate and control in a timely manner, hazards that may result in potential losses and implement all measures to eliminate and / or minimize the occurrence of an unwanted environmental event.
  4. At the orchard level, we are incorporating clean energy into our irrigation pumping systems, through solar panels.
  5. We have implemented a network of capacitance probes to optimize the water resource in our orchards.
  6. We incorporate organic matter through the incorporation of compost and stubble fractionation.
  7. We are working on the incorporation of plant covers to reduce herbicides.
  8. Our phytosanitary plan is based on low toxicity agrochemicals, incorporating more and more inputs of natural and / or organic origin. We rely on integrated pest management to determine damage threshold and timing of control.