The grape varieties that produce Mi Fruta S.A. they are:

Crimson Seedless

grapes_variedad_1Crimson Seedless variety is a red grape, seedless berries with firm, crisp with a sweet, almost spicy taste sour.

Iniagrape One


Variety 100% black in color
sweet flavor with soluble solids 20-22 ° brix and low acidity.

Excellent post harvest.

Flame Seedless

grapes_variedad_2Flame Seedless variety is the result of a cross between Thompson Seedless, Cardinal and several other varieties. It is a round, crunchy, sweet taste and a dark red grape.

Ruby Seedless

grapes_variedad_3It is a seedless grape, dark red, with a soft and smooth berry.

Red Globe

grapes_variedad_4Red Globe variety is large, medium compactness, shape cuneiform. As the name suggests Red Globe (Red Globe) has a very large grapes, ellipsoid globose, thick and consistent skin, purplish red, very showy, fleshy and fruity, with seeds.


grapes_variedad_5Higher variety has an intense berry elongated green. Fruit provides a shine, a sweet taste and a very distinctive crunch.

Thompson Seedless

grapes_variedad_6It originated in southern Iran. It is a very familiar grape, with a light green oblong berries and a sweet and juicy flavor that characterize it.


grapes_variedad_7Bunch: Very large, conical, winged and compact features very compact. Berry: Color: Pink violet. Shape: Oval to ovoid. Average size. Taste: Neutral. Pulp: Crunchy. Skin: Media and pruinosa.

Producers are certified Global Gap and for that grapes for the Fair Trade (Fair Trade) is available FLO certification.
FLO is a certification system that monitors compliance with the Fairtrade Standards which regulate the production, purchase and sale of a product and its distribution to the consumer.
The fruit packing plants is carried out in two partners-producers whom dispatched to a refrigerator outsourced to begin the cold chain will be maintained until final consumption.
To date the fresh grapes has been destined much of South America, the United States and Western Europe exist and demand from Asia and Eastern Europe.