Raisin collection Center

Once the grapes are sun-dried and they turn into raisins, they are delivered to a processing plant that collects them in wooden bins until the process order is issued.
The processes that raisins go through are two:

Proceso seco

The bins are emptied on a conveyor belt. The dry process begins by removing the bunch stem, it is doneby a kind of debranching machine. Through various vacuum units, the lightweight material and futile raisins are eliminated. Then, raisins are calibrated into three sizes: small, medium and jumbo, to be subsequently stored awaiting the process order that occurs when the raisins are commercialized.
The calibrated raisins are packed into wooden bins separated by size.

  • Jumbo over 12 millimeters
  • Medium between 8 and 12 millimeters
  • Small under 8 millimeters
Wet Process

Raisins are subjected to washing with an industrial detergent, (FM500) especially for food products.
Raisins are incorporated into a conveyor belt where the drying process begins then, they ran through a laser scanner and a metal detector. The useless raisins are automatically eliminated from the process. Finally, raisins go into oil (Durkex LC200) which only has a cosmetic function, improving their presentation.


Packaging is done in polyethylene bags of 10 kg, settled in special corrugated cardboard boxes for 10 Kgs.
Our raisins come from vineyards of varieties of seedless grapes. All managed to produce grapes of excellent quality and with the current international trading standards, considering all environmental protection measures. There is a significant percent of the vineyards intended exclusively for the production of raisins.

Quality Alimentary sun-dried supplement obtained from fresh trading grapes
Usda b, C-USA
Color Characteristic brown to black
Humidity Maximum 7 percent
Sizes Jumbo over 12mm, medium between 8 and 12 mm, small under 8 mm
Additives Vegetable oil 0.5 percent maximum per box of 10 kilograms
Packing material Polyethylene bag inside, carton 17 m and 17 c
Container capacity. 20 ’2,050 boxes, 20,500 kg
Availability From April
Lifespan 1 or 2 years in a fresh and airy environment