MI FRUTA and environment

Inside of the organizational structure of Mi Fruta there is a position dedicated exclusively to manage environmental issues. Its main role is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment, as well as to organize capacity building activities for MiFruta’s members in this theme. Furthermore this role is responsible for implementing an action plan to decrease and mitigate the environmental effects of MiFruta’s agricultural and commercial activities. Its permanent mission is:
“To identify, to evaluate, and to control in the best possible way, the dangers that could result in potential environmental damages; and to implement all the feasible actions in order to eliminate and/or reduce the risk in this area”.
This permanent commitment towards the protection of the environment is supported and verify by the annual audits carry out by FLO-CERT that allow MiFruta to maintain the Fairtrade certification –as the environment theme is one of the key areas inspected. Besides the farmers are certificated under the GLOBAL GAP standard too which includes some environmental indicators.
Recently MiFruta has decided to find out the Carbon Footprint of its agricultural and commercial activities. The outcomes of this research will inform the current “environmental plan”; and provide new clear targets to achieve in the future.
Finally and taking positive advantage of the commitment and policies of the Chilean government towards the environment; MiFruta –with the support of some consultants from Chile University (Universidad de Chile)-; is working towards its incorporation to the “Clean Production Council”. The Council’s aim is to encourage dialogue and actions together among the public sector, private companies and employees with a focus on better environmental practices. One key assumption behind this project is to support sustainable production that does not have a negative effect on the environment instead of mitigating the negative effects after.